Aurix, a crypto currency exchange platform has signed an agent agreement with Railsbank, a global banking-as-a-service platform. The agreement will allow Aurix to provide its users with financial services products and experiences for their clients including credit card and IBAN numbers.

Aurix is a global crypto currency exchange platform which…

Aurix’s Coming Soon function is the associated debit
card with a user account

A user makes a payment in RON which is processed by the Visa / Mastercard network.

Payment in RON goes from the Aurix RON bank account to the merchant.

Aurix obtains AUR from the user’s account (using the current AUR/ RON exchange rate).

Aurix exchanges AUR for RON, and RON for AUR if needed to keep enough funds at Aurix.

Aurix Exchange

Aurix Exchange The best trading platform. Built with state of the art technology and worked with love for you. Your experience is our priority!

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